Space-saving Tips to Make Your Brooklyn Home Feel More Like Home

Space-saving Tips to Make Your Brooklyn Home Feel More Like Home

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“Home sweet home” has an entirely different meaning for modern living, as we’re all spending more time than ever in our homes due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We’re enjoying more dinner and date nights in, we’re working from home, and we’re homeschooling. 

Maximizing our living spaces and keeping them organized is of utmost importance, but it’s easier said than done – especially when you live in a big city like Brooklyn, New York, and are extremely limited on said living space. 

Fortunately, with a bit of innovation and some clever space-saving storage tips and tricks, you can optimize your home’s livable space and make it a neat, organized oasis. These tips are not only functional, but they can also make your home feel and appear larger, making it more comfortable and enjoyable. 

Do double-duty

Furniture pieces that have multiple functions are an excellent way to save space (and money!). Look for items that offer additional or hidden storage, like an ottoman or sofa that’s hollow inside and has removable cushions. You’re not limited to just what you can buy – get creative and make DIY pieces, such as a desk made from a kitchen table with storage drawer units underneath. 

Make use of vertical space

The upper parts of walls and even ceiling space often go unused in homes. Those areas are valuable real estate, though, especially in a small space. Consider ways you can decorate or make use of these areas for storage, like getting tall bookcases or over-the-toilet cabinets, and installing wall shelves where you can place beautiful storage boxes, small decor items, and plants.

…and the backs of doors, too

The backsides of closet and cabinet doors are also excellent for storage space and are typically overlooked. Use heavy-duty stick-on hooks or small baskets that are safe for walls to create a storage system for items such as belts, scarves, hats, and jewelry inside the closet. Set up a similar system inside bathroom cabinets or on the back of the door for toiletries and small personal appliances like blow dryers. 

Murphy’s law

Murphy beds and other foldable or retractable furniture used to get a bad rap, but they’ve come a very long way and now, they’re not only functional but stylish as well. Even major companies like Costco now offer a number of stylish and innovative options for modern living, like this multi-use hideaway unit that functions as both a bed and desk.

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